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Pulsar & NewsGuard Launch Index Tracking Which Brands Are Most at Risk From Misinformation

LOS ANGELES – July 27, 2022 – ( )

Audience intelligence platform Pulsar has partnered with NewsGuard, which rates the trustworthiness of news sources, to launch the Misinformation Risk Index: Brands.

The weekly index, available online here, is designed to give brand managers and comms professionals guidance on which brands are seeing the most exposure on news and blogs which NewsGuard deems “untrustworthy”.

Building on Pulsar & NewsGuard’s product integration, the Misinformation Risk Index ranks the top 25 most valuable global brands (as measured by Interbrand, 2021) on a relative scale every week. By combining NewsGuard’s Reliability Rating with Pulsar’s proprietary visibility metric, it illustrates both the extent of each brand’s potential exposure to misinformation, and to what degree this exposure is growing over time.

This is not a measure of the “negative” or “positive” publicity a brand may have received; it is entirely possible that a brand could be covered in a positive way by unreliable sources or, conversely, that a brand could be covered negatively (for a product defect, for example) by reliable sources. Rather, it is a measure of possible reputation risk in the sense that a brand receiving inordinate attention from unreliable sources has a higher risk of unreliable information being conveyed about it.

A NewsGuard Reliability Rating takes into account nine standards of credibility and transparency, including disclosing its ownership and correcting errors. Pulsar’s Visibility Score calculates the reach and impact of a particular piece of content by factoring in audience size, engagement, format, amongst other metrics.

The integration is the first of its kind, incorporating the human insight of NewsGuard’s journalistically trained analysts into Pulsar’s audience intelligence platform, which helps organizations gain insights from social, news, search, web, forum, audience, and first-party data.

About Pulsar

Pulsar is the leading AI-powered audience intelligence platform. Combining conversational and behavioral signals from the world’s leading digital destinations, Pulsar helps brands understand their audiences and create messages that matter to them. It is part of the AIM-listed Access Intelligence Group.

About NewsGuard

Launched in March 2018 by media entrepreneur and award-winning journalist Steven Brill and former Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz, NewsGuard provides credibility ratings and detailed “Nutrition Labels” for thousands of news and information sources. NewsGuard rates all the news and information sources that account for 95% of online engagement across the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and Italy.

NewsGuard’s ratings are conducted by trained journalists using nine apolitical criteria of journalistic practice, including whether a news source repeatedly publishes false content, whether it regularly corrects or clarifies errors, and whether it avoids deceptive headlines. Advertisers, advertising agencies and advertising tech companies license NewsGuard’s ratings to direct their programmatic advertising toward legitimate journalism and avoid misinformation.

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