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Is an All Inclusive Resort Worth It?

Whether you’re planning to holiday in Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica or other parts of Caribbean, your resort will most likely off an all inclusive package. So is the all inclusive option really worth it? Or will you end up paying extra for food and beverages you don’t end up wanting or needing?

The Celebrity Treatment

Whether all-inclusive vacations are a good value or not depends on what you’re looking to get out of a holiday. Since everything is paid for in one package price, there’s no need to worry about keeping track of how much you’re spending on vacation. Guests at all inclusive resorts are often treated like royalty, which makes it feel like a true vacation, compared to booking a small boutique hotel.  Ever had that feeling when you get home from a trip and you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? All inclusive allows you to completely unwind and relax.

Good For Groups

Many travelers also enjoy that all inclusive resorts appeal to a wide range of people. They lend themselves well to traveling with a group, and they’re even a great option for solo travelers who are concerned about safety.

Good For Families

All inclusive vacations are perfect for families with young children since many resorts have been designed with them in mind to include waterpark-style pools.

Since all inclusive resorts are designed to cater to all kinds of people (many of which don’t eat or drink as much as others), they’re great for families with small kids who may not be interested in eating at highly-rated restaurants every night.


For a mid-range nice resort, $1500 per person is what you can expect to pay for a one-week stay.

All inclusive prices vary by resort and location, however the average price for an all-inclusive vacation ranges from $200 to $600/day (remember this usually includes airfare).

There are cheaper all inclusive resorts out there, but their quality can reflect the lower price point.

If you’re really crunching the numbers, take a look at the area you’d like to visit. Find the average price per night of the types of hotels you would consider staying at based on your budget.

Next, take a look at Google reviews of local restaurants to get an indication of the average price of a meal.

Tally this up for a week and include your airfare to get an idea of how much it would cost you.

The Bottom Line: Booze

The bottom line: All inclusive is worth it if you plan to drink several alcoholic beverages in a day.

If it’s anything more than mimosa in the morning, a beer or cocktail or two in the afternoon, wine with dinner and maybe a nightcap, all inclusive is going to save you money. If you’re a light drinker, it may be cheaper to book your own flights and hotel separately and eat/drink off the resort. It also depends on the country and the area you are staying. For example, in Mexico, it’s often quite cheap to pay for drinks at a restaurant, especially if you visit during happy hour. But in places like Costa Rica, alcoholic drinks can be much more expensive. If your resort offers an alcohol free all inclusive package, that may be worth considering if you’re non-drinker, but more likely than not it would still be cheaper to pay for your meals individually.

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